About Lash Pro

At Lash Pro we absolutely love everything about lashes! We live and breathe lashes and our mission is to share the luxury lash love, at affordable prices! Oh, and we're Vegan too!

If asked our desert island beauty pick, yip you guessed it, it would be lashes - granted not the most practical item we know!

We love how amazing, confident and beautiful wearing a set of lashes makes us feel, adding some subtle or super glam to our day!

We have created our products to provide Make Up Artists, Lash Technicians and YOU, our fellow lash lovers, with beautiful luxury lash products and accessories.

Sophie, a working Make Up Artist, Lash Technician and Trainer, searched for professional, high quality and affordable lashes to use in her Salon and Training Academy - and so Lash Pro by Polished was born.

Polished Pro Training acadmey offers courses in Lash Extensions, Lash Lift & Brows based in Glasgow. 

We believe that gorgeous lashes just make everything better! 

We hope you love them too!  

Contact Us:

Lash Pro by Polished & Training HQ

38 Manse Brae


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